Makeup Monday : Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick

by lauren atkinson

This is a love-hate relationship, in more than one way.

I love the colors, names, and packaging of these lipsticks but I hate the packaging and texture of these lipsticks as well. 

The colors are absolutely stellar. The pigments go on exactly as they look and have some true staying power. By applying, blotting, and reapplying, you can achieve a color that last hours. Pretty impressed by this. 

The formula smells similarly to MAC. Only more cupcake-y and fragrant. That's exactly what these lipsticks smell like. MAC + Vanilla frosting. Not sure if this is a complaint or compliment. Certainly took some getting used to. 

SUPER cute packaging. However, not sold on the thin plastic caps. 

Here are a few of the shades I picked up. 


A notable pet peeve is that the colors that include shimmer in them have a weird texture. Gritty and glittery are not a fond trait for a lipstick. They apply effortlessly, however during application they have an odd sandlike texture. The color looks great, though, once you get past the texture. Here's Lullabye for a look:

Lullabye on my lips. No liner. No image re-touching or filtering. Taken on iPhone 6. 

Lullabye on my lips. No liner. No image re-touching or filtering. Taken on iPhone 6. 

One serious complaint and compliment: the packaging. It looks beautiful and edgy yet lacks the depth of the former Kat Von D lipstick lines. What I loved about the Painted Love Lipsticks was the density and weight of the packaging. It was creative and beautiful but felt heavy and really, expensive. The new Studded Kiss line is a light-weight plastic. Which, would be fine, except for one huge flaw: the lipstick lid pops off CONSTANTLY. I ended up with a purse full of hot pink lipstick one day: it was not pretty.

So overall, lipstick pouts all around but make sure you purchase a lipstick caddy for your purse.

 <3 Have you tried out any of the shades? Any loves? Any complaints? Would love to hear below!