Highly Recommended: Favorite Vegan Blogs

by lauren atkinson

I have been slowly migrating back to vegan eating at home over the past year and with that, venturing to find creative recipes that inspire me to get cooking again.

With that, I wanted to share some of my favorite vegan food blogs. Some of these I have been following for years. These are outside of the common Oh She Glows and Minimalist Baker (love both of those but figured y'all might want some others) and I don't see enough people posting about them! 

1. Hotforfoodblog.com - Lauren Toyota is insanely creative with creating meals. She also has a youtube channel with a series she calls "Recipes?" where she creates meals with leftover contents in her fridge. Lauren has a cookbook coming out in February and I'm sure it'll be awesome. Her recipes are generally simple: she has my favorite Buffalo Cauliflower "Wings" She is legit a hero and kitchen wizard... I am yet to find a single recipe that I don't love. 

2. mississippivegan.com - Timmy has amazing food. I HIGHLY recommend his vegan mac and cheese when you're looking for an amazing "cheater" meal (it contains a lot of cheese subs that are processed, despite being plant-based... something I usually try and avoid) and he also adds playlists to his blog (M/V) which always have good recommendations :) I love his instagram: his pics are beautiful and his instagram stories are fun to watch.

3. TheEdgyVeg.com - Carnivore Approved Recipes. Candice and James make a lot of vegan style fast food. Candice does a lot of the cooking while James does most of the tasting ;) They also have a youtube channel that I'd recommend! They're fun to watch.

4. fragrantvanilla.com - Fragrant Vanilla Cake, best known for desserts, offers tons of fun and simple recipes.

What are some of your favorite vegan/vegetarian food blogs? Any recipes that I should try?