Makeup Monday: My Beauty Bag Essentials

by lauren atkinson

"If trapped on a deserted island and you can bring only one makeup-related thing, what would it be?" It'd be a tough call: I love all of these items, so can we just say "My Beauty Bag!"?

I have had many favorites over the years, but there are a few products that I keep returning to the makeup counter to repurchase. I love the thrill of trying out new products that others are raving about, but sometimes a favorite can't be beat.  

Because my makeup most days is pretty simple, some of the products I'm sharing are more skincare products or makeup products that I use every single day. These are the items that I use even when it might not look like I have any makeup on at all! 

Also be on the look-out for some of these items as possible stocking-stuffers! The holidays approach!

1.  Celestial Moisturizer , LUSH cosmetics, $24.95 2.  Makeup Finishing Spray , Skindinavia, $29 3.  Blush  in "Deep Throat," NARS, $29 4.  Gimme Brow , Benefit Cosmetics, $22 5.  Herbalism cleanser , LUSH cosmetics, $13.95 6.  BAD gal Lash mascara , Benefit cosmetics, $19

1. Celestial Moisturizer, LUSH cosmetics, $24.95
2. Makeup Finishing Spray, Skindinavia, $29
3. Blush in "Deep Throat," NARS, $29
4. Gimme Brow, Benefit Cosmetics, $22
5. Herbalism cleanser, LUSH cosmetics, $13.95
6. BAD gal Lash mascara, Benefit cosmetics, $19


1. Celestial Moisturizer by LUSH Cosmetics This stuff is a favorite on so many levels. The scent of this moisturizer is heavenly! It's got a soft almond scent that is rich but not too overpowering. And with many LUSH products, a little goes a long way! I bought this product as it is advertised as working well with sensitive skin. In the winter, my skin becomes quite dry and gets irritated easily. This stuff is the perfect balance between moisturizing and fresh. I'd recommend this as a stocking-stuffer as it has such a beautiful scent and would work well for most skin-types!
2. Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinavia I cannot imagine a better product. The formula is light-weight, dries fast and shows no sign of itself sitting on your face, other than holding your makeup to your skin longer! I go through so many bottles of this stuff and absolutely cannot imagine wearing makeup without it.
3. NARS Blush in "Deep Throat" This color is a favorite for many women: It is a soft pinky-peach that gives cheeks a natural glow. I love putting this on with just about every look because it is never over-powering and is the perfect shade of pink!
4. Gimme Brow by Benefit Cosmetics I have the patchiest eyebrows. They grow in dark in some spots, are non-existent in others and have an odd shape. It doesn't matter whether I wax, pluck or shape those bad boys: they always look insane without filling them in. I've battled with finding a product that works perfectly AND is the right shade, which in the past led to a lengthy process of multiple products. Using Gimme Brow, that's all I have to use. The formula is the right weight and color: Perfect for blondes and light brunettes. It dries fast and stays all day! It not only fills in the spots I'm lacking growth, it also shapes the unruly hairs that don't sit straight!
5. Herbalism Cleanser by LUSH I love LUSH cosmetics and at this point, I'm sure that's no secret! This cleanser is perfect for combination skin, in my opinion. It gets into the spots that are oily and fully cleanses them while being sensitive enough for drier parts of the face. It's herb-y and fresh smelling. This product is great because you only need a pinch! 
6. BAD Gal Lash by Benefit Cosmetics This brand is another favorite of mine. Evenings out with crazy long lashes I tend to use their Lash Injection. But BAD Gal Lash is my everyday mascara that gives both length and volume. When choosing a mascara, I like the formula to be drier and the brush to be full of soft bristles. This mascara offers both. 
I cannot more highly recommend all of these products. If trapped on a deserted island with only one beauty product, I'd have a tough time. I'd love to hear whether any of these products are favorites for you as well! And do tell me, what's in your beauty bag consistently?