Holidays for All: Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lover

by lauren atkinson

If you've spent a day in the Atkinson household, you were probably at some point offered a cup of coffee. We take our coffee VERY seriously. But we aren't the only ones we know that are like this: We have a few friends we'd probably refer to as coffee aficionados that love a cup of fresh coffee.

Coffee really is a special thing and people that take coffee seriously aren't going to appreciate a bag of generic coffee. What they really might love, however, is a bag or two of incredibly fresh beans or even a coffee subscription. In our household, we really love Tonx coffee. Our Tonx gets shipped to us every other week and the bag sent arrives a day from when the beans were roasted: meaning we are getting some really awesome coffee. In our home, the only way we brew is by aeropress and occasional french press. 

If buying for a coffee lover like the Atkinsons, here's some suggestions:



(From top left, clockwise) 
Tonx offers a gift subscription and you can select options of how frequent you'd like to send the recipient coffee. You can even set it up in a one time delivery and choose to give a gift bundle with an aeropress and mug for $69, which really is a great deal. 

Coffee lovers also love a great mug. And what better way to personalize it than with a monogrammed mug from Anthropologie. What I love about these mugs is the weight of them and how great they look on a counter. I've given these mugs as gifts a few times now and believe them to be an absolutely great gift. 

Four Barrel coffee in San Francisco is truly special. Their beans are fresh and delicious. Share the goodness with a friend! For a 24-week subscription at $175, you'd be spending less than $8 a bag, which is a really great option. Four Barrel offers smaller subscriptions as well. 

A french press is a great option for a gift because it allows the coffee-fiend to make more than one coffee at a time. Plus it is great for the coffee-lover that loves to entertain! 

Do you love coffee? Tell me more about your subscriptions or coffee gifts you've given in the past!