Moving towards sunny skies

by lauren atkinson

Getting this website up-and-running has been a long time coming. I keep telling all of my friends that I am going to do it, and then life keeps happening. Well, part of life has encouraged me even further to share this site with all of you.

I don't like to make assumptions that everyone knows what is going on in my life. Yes, I do share quite a bit of myself on the internet, but sometimes things slip between the cracks; We can't keep track of everyone, let's be honest. So if you've made it here and haven't already heard: I am moving to California. 

This is both exciting and very scary for me. California has a lot more opportunities career-wise and I'm hoping that the new location gives me a fresh-perspective on what it is exactly I'd like to do. 

All that to say, I don't hate Michigan. Actually, I never thought I'd actually be moving. I have my husband's brain to thank for this really because without his talent I don't think this would be happening.

And really, everything that has been happening recently, although difficult and scary has made life seem far sunnier, far more exciting, and is a reminder that life is for living. As corny as all of that might sound, it's true. 

So in the coming MONTH (yes, really, ONE MONTH) before my move, I hope to not only share the adventure of this moving process, but also the memories I am making with my amazing friends here and TONS of recipes. Please, during this, feel free to comment with what you want to see. Ask questions— I don't bite! 

Let's have some fun and I promise I'll share some of my sunshine with you!