I didn't disappear!

by lauren atkinson

photo (4).JPG

Life does this crazy thing sometimes: It happens.

When life happens, other things sometimes don't. One of them is writing about food. Another is caring about my appearance. But I can tell you what, despite those two things I love being missing from my world recently, I can assure you that my world isn't any less magical or spectacular. I will admit, I wish I had spent more time inbetween errands, unpacking boxes, and exploring my new city to take some time on the way I look-- It would probably have made me feel less frantic. I would have also enjoyed cooking at home a little more and my waistline would have appreciated it too!

But here I am, chipped fingernails and greasy hair to assure you: I've got recipes and stories galore! Stay tuned for Tofu Tacos, Cinnamon&Honey Glazed Carrots, and rantings (with ravings) about the differences between Detroit and San Francisco. 

I cannot wait to share how awesome this move is proving to be!