Throwback Thursday: Pictures from the past few years

by lauren atkinson

Not sure what it is about the holiday season, but it always has me reminiscing of where I've been and all that has happened in the past few years. It got me scrolling through photos and I figured I'd share simply the photos from December 7. 


On 12/7/16 Jesse sent me an Usagi and Luna funko pop to my office. It was a cute surprise and this now sits on my desk at home. She's the guardian of my work habits, too 😊




Nothing has changed. I take a lot of pictures of my food now and did then as well. This was captioned as being a salad made with leftovers. A "kitchen sink" salad, if you will. 



This is just a shot of our livingroom. It's changed so much from 2014 -- we had just moved in and knew that we finally had a more permanent place to live but hadn't really spent the time decorating to our liking yet. I remember that our apartment (especially the livingroom) still felt like a hodge-podge of furniture and wall decor but there wasn't much that we absolutely loved. Looking back on this, I am glad we've taken the time this year to really decorate our apartment exactly as we want it. We've also gotten rid of so much clutter: looking at this picture, all I see is mess (I know, that's just me) 



Ahead of the holidays in 2013, I was eating extremely clean. There was a point where about 75-80% of my meals were raw foods. It paid off because I was in great shape and felt good. Looking at this encourages me to get back to eating clean but not taking it to such extremes. 




And finally, a selfie. This is actually the oldest picture on my instagram too and was posted in March. Looking through my photo library, however, it's conveniently taken on December 7. I look younger, of course, but not that different really