My Week in Movies February 18 - 24

by lauren atkinson

Dig Two Graves
This is one of those "I see what you're trying to do but..." movies. The story is interesting but I couldn't allow myself to fully be immersed in it. The story is a slow build and predictable. The acting is very rough. Despite being a true indie, however, the cinematography is pretty great and the sound is good, too. 

This is a classic tale of selling your soul to the devil and the situation kind of backfiring in your face. It's compelling but there is so much predictability that I was left feeling disappointed. 

Honestly, I would not recommend this to many friends. And for horror fans, you can probably skip this. 

Lady Bird
There are many things to be said about Lady Bird that already have been, but here's my hot-take:
Lady Bird is good but wasn't my favorite of the year. It had merit and deserved to be among the ranks of Academy Award winners. I am glad that we are finally seeing coming-of-age stories from the cis-female perspective. I am glad that more women are writing stories and making movies and ALSO getting credit for it. 
That being said, I hope that Lady Bird is what paves the way for other amazing female writers to share their craft and gain merit. 

I, Tonya
I loved I,Tonya. And I think a lot of people will be focused on this being billed as a comedy and not watch it. That disappoints me.

Tonya's story about childhood and early adulthood is actually quite tragic which isn't comedic. What is comedic are the antics and behaviors of those around her and how relatable the concept of "fitting in" to a community can be. Or how relatable Tonya's family and friends really are to someone that grew up in a similar suburban, not-so-privileged area of the US. People like LaVona are real. People like Shawn Eckhardt definitely exist.

Allison Janney OWNED the role of LaVona and I am so glad that she won for Supporting Actress.