My Beauty Favorites of 2013

by lauren atkinson

2013 was the year of my all time favorites. 

Sure, every year I have items that I keep returning to throughout the entire year, but this past year was the year where I kept revisiting favorites from my past. I did a have a few items that were new and became beloved beauty-finds, but for the most part 2013 proved that some things you just can't get rid of once you fall in love.

Some of the new items on my list included some lipsticks. This fall I was really digging MAC's retro matte lipstick in "Ri Ri Woo". If you follow me on my instagram, then you know I love a bold lipstick. But what really sold me on Ri Ri Woo wasn't just the color: it was the texture. Because of the extreme retro matte finish, the pigmentation almost stands out even more and the color seems to hold longer. Plus it makes the color buildable: you can start with a soft dusting of the lipstick and blot away any excess for just a pop of red, or really pack a punch by adding a few layers. Plus: the packaging is absolutely beautiful.


Another favorite that came to me towards the end of the year is MAC's "You've Got It" which is a soft, cool-toned, shimmery nude-pink. When I saw it, I KNEW I just HAD to have it. The only problem was that it was sold out both online and in stores. Luckily, I have a super savvy best friend that was able to hunt it down for me just in time for 2013 to come to an end. BUT IT COUNTS because I wore it every day until the end of the year: it looks beautiful layered on top of just about any shade. It gives a bit of shimmer and shine to your lips and softens any bold tones. In some lights (like below) it registers a bright gold, which I loved for the holiday season. 


To revisit some of my all-time favorites, you already know my love for MAC's VIVA GLAM I. I wrote a whole post about why I love it here, so I don't think that needs to be spoken about again. 2013 brought the color back into my life, and I wore it at least once a week. 

Another lipstick favorite that is a part of my 2013 list is definitely one I add to my favorites list each year. It is YSL's Rouge Volupte in "1" or "nude".  YSL rouge volupte is easily my favorite lipstick (I now have every shade) outside of MAC's line, but this color is by far my favorite color. It's a wearable pinky nude that looks great year-round. Smooth, supple application and sheen finish. There's a reason why this is my third tube. 


Other beauty favorites include the GK haircare line. OK, maybe it's a little daunting to say an entire product line is my favorite, but it really is. Every product I have touched from this line has been magic in my hair. It has been a lifesaver since I have color-treated hair that has become quite dry. I love the way the products smell, and none of them are too heavy in my hair. 


These products truly feel weightless, in the best way. And now that I've converted all my haircare to the brand, no other brand will do!

Other favorites that I swear by this year are my Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette and my brush set which is also from Coastal Scents. When I needed to replace my brushes, I was a little strapped for cash and worried that these would not hold up. The price is deceiving: yes, it is affordable but that doesn't mean the product is cheap! After multiple washes, the brushes are still in beautiful condition. And as far as the palette is concerned, I've been absolutely pleasantly surprised by the beautiful colors and deep pigmentation of the shadows. What is also great is the texture of the shadow is soft and powdery but doesn't leave much fall-out when applied. Truly a great deal!

One surprise favorite was something I had picked up on a whim. After reading many reviews and seeing multiple blogposts for L'OREAL's Magic Nude Liquid Powder, I decided to give it a shot. Let me just say, this is the best drugstore product I have EVER purchased. What's great is that a little REALLY goes a long way with this product. Using it as a foundation AND powder, the formula is lightweight yet still full-coverage. When applying I only need less than a dime sized amount, which I pour on the back of my hand and dot with my fingers from the opposite hand. Instructions on the bottle say to blend with your fingers: I agree. This product blends best when using the clean pads of your fingertips and softly blotting and brushing into the skin. The product absorbs in a powdery finish that never feels wet or heavy. (If it does, then you've used WAY too much!) 


Overall, I've had some pleasant surprises with beauty products this year that I've added with continued favorites. I look forward to using this products more this year and am excited what new things I come across next! 


What are some of your 2013 favorite beauty products? What things could you not leave behind in the store? Anything new I should try?