Pen Pal.

by lauren atkinson

It's really no secret that I love cards. The more mail sent through snailmail, the better. And every single card I get ends up on the refrigerator for a time. Because I love receiving cards and letters, I tend to assume others like this too.

I try to be diligent about sending the people that I care about a card or handwritten letter whenever I think to. There's something about getting a handwritten letter that feels so personal. I'd like to think that the biggest factor is the time spent to sit down and write on a card that was selected just for that person, or a postcard you saw in a shop and thought "I'm thinking of this person."

Because the last few months have been crazy hectic with the start of a new job and really settling into life in the Bay, I haven't taken the time I normally would to send my loved ones the amount of mail I'd like to send. So I'm challenging myself: everyday during the month of May, I'd like to send a different person a letter. If it becomes a hit, then maybe I'll start a penpal program: we can consistently send mail to one another and eventually trade our penpal with someone else!

If you're interested in joining, please comment below! Or you can email me at
Let me know if you'd. Just like a handwritten card or if you're interested in doing a penpal swap!