My Week in Movies: January 7-13

by lauren atkinson

This week was my birthday week and although I wasn't expecting to watch much, I ended up having a pretty good week for movies despite only watching two. 


Haunters: The Art of the Scare
This documentary focuses on individuals running "Haunts" throughout the US. I find this fascinating because as much as I love horror, I am not big on haunted/spooky attractions. In fact, I have been known to cry and run through a haunted house in attempts to get out as quickly as possible. 
The attractions in this documentary are two ends of the spectrum: the stereotypical spooky haunted house and the extreme, over-the-top "must sign a waiver" style attractions. 
I really enjoyed this. There's a few reasons: 1. I *hate* haunted attractions despite my love of most other things "horror" related. 2. I've always wondered what prompts someone to create such attractions. and 3. The people in this documentary cannot be made-up. They are raw and strange but so so amazing. 
Now I wonder: how many of my parents' suburban neighbors are creating haunted attractions in their basements and garages? 

Phantom Thread
This film is going to be a tough one to top for me for the 2017 Oscar season. It is beautifully made and the story is unlike anything I've watched before. PTA is a favorite of mine and this has officially jumped in the list as my favorite by the director. 
Daniel Day Lewis plays a dressmaker in the 1950s and his behaviors are obsessive but driven by the women that surround him: he is compulsively inspired by affection and love. 
The film's score, by Jonny Greenwood, is captivating and moving. Personally, I'd say it's the best out of the four he's worked on for PTA. 
I got the opportunity to watch this in 70mm and am so glad that I was able to.