My Week in Movies Jan 21-27

by lauren atkinson

Don't Kill It
This is a silly one, honestly. From the moment you turn this on until the end, you are in for unrelenting violence and corny practical effects. There's lots of blood and only camera-focused trauma. I found this to be a fun watch and a tight plot. The plot is pretty simple: kill a demon then become a demon. Normally paranormal (ghosts and demonic) don't get me going nor really do I find interest in them, but this is a fun one. 
I also liked our main: a comical caricature of rogue gunslinger.  Plus, he's played by Dolph Lundgren, which begs quite a bit of expectation about the action in this movie. 
Do I recommend? Really, only if you are ready for lots of blood and demon slaying. 

The dialogue in this is so infuriating and unreal. The acting isn't that great, either.
In short, this movie is Romeo and Juliet if Romeo had been a murderous lover and even more obsessive than Shakespeare had written it originally. And Juliet, Juliet doesn't die this time around but she's just as gullible, overly sensitive. 
Ok, Romeo and Juliet isn't that bad but I really did not like this one. 
And the lead reminds me of my little brother so maybe there's some personal issues in there, haha.
Either way, I do not recommend this one. 

This is awesome. From start to finish I was on edge and sucked in at the same time. I really don't even want to talk about why I love this movie so much until I watch it again. 

Screengrab from The ReZort

Screengrab from The ReZort

The ReZort
Skip this one. It's like... World War Z meets Jurassic Park. I thought I'd be on board for this but wasn't. Expect for maybe eye candy, Dougray Scott (love him, ok?) 

Trash Fire
Trash Fire isn’t exactly trash fire but it’s not that great. I'd say that this is one you can definitely skip.

Despite having Adrian Grenier as the lead, this is definitely a pretty indie-feeling movie. Not to get too far into it, but this movie felt like a recent film grad took every director possible as inspiration. The lighting and camera angles felt like Kubrick. There was a monologue whose imagery looked like knock-off Wes Anderson. The whole movie just felt very immature. It also felt like it wasn't sure whether it was supposed to be a horror, a comedy, or a drama -- it was really inconsistent in its scripting and pace.

Finally, I found Adrian Grenier's Owen to be unrelatable and childish. I am sure that is what he was supposed to make you feel, but no other characters redeemed him or gave explanation to his behaviors. So, I guess, “Go fuck yourself, Florence.”

Starry Eyes
The introduction of this one feels old school: opening sequence introducing you to the character with the title cards rolling over it. The synthy intro music=perf. The pacing is very unnerving as its initial moments of horror aren’t clear: is this all really happening? Starry Eyes is a pretty original story and creates a mood that I will likely reference in the future. This is a new example of how to do horror right. 

The gore is heavy with this one, friends. And worth it. And good. 

Lead actor = BAE. LOVE her. 

The dialogue in every scene with the lead's friends is well-written and equally well-paced. The acting feels comfortable and more akin to being in a room of friends than watching a movie. I know people that are exactly like the lead’s drunk friends: disguising criticism as jokes. 

Also, side note: obsessed with the name “Big Taters” for a Hooters-esque restaurant. Love.

Once the horror actually hits in Starry Eyes (it takes awhile, not in a bad way though) it is well worth the wait. 

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
This movie is hysterical. It's the classic roadtrip-cabin in the woods-slasher meets buddy movie. 
Katrina Bowden (you'll know her as Cerie from 30 Rock) was awesome: she played the role perfectly and was absolutely charming. I'm hoping that she continues with comedy because she plays the role of "unpredictably smart dumb blonde" extremely well.
(spoiler ahead)
I enjoyed this original take on the traditional cabin-in-the-woods style movie as it did not have a direct, threatening slasher or supernatural killer. Instead, you have many misunderstandings and slapstick accidents alongside traditional horror tropes ("virgin never dies" etc.)

His Girl Friday
As I've heard, this is heavily inspired by The Front Page from 1931 (which I plan to watch next week) with Cary Grant as the lead. 
This one holds up -- I love the acting, the quick wit and even the plot. This is a good one to break up the seriousness of the world. I'd recommend this one to most anyone. 

Blade Runner 2049
This is a re-watch and I am so glad that I took the time this week to sit down and indulge in this one. I have to admit that on first viewing in the theaters, the story did not resonate with me. I am an incredibly big Blade Runner fan so when I heard there was a "sequel" I was pretty excited about it. If you don't want things spoiled, don't read further. 
Aesthetically, this movie fits right in with the original. From the colors and atmosphere to the the music, Blade Runner 2049 definitely does not feel out of place. If anything, Villeneuve does a fantastic job of bringing the world of Blade Runner into a reality that hits a bit closer to home. 2049 doesn't feel too far off from what could actually take place in the future. With technology rapidly advancing year over year, Replicants feel like a possibility to me. A major blackout wiping data stores? That feels right, too. 
The story this time around got me. There were so many moments of subtlety that I did not pick up the first time around. Decker's daughter is "ill" from a "genetic disorder" which the first time I did not pick up on the possibility of this making more than perfect sense: this is what would actually happen with the first Replicant-Human born into the world. Mariette slipping the tracker into K's pocket. 
And then there's the fashion. The transparent raincoats that nod at the original's Pris. Joi's ever changing and adapting outfits. So good. 
eally, I just want to watch this again soon. 

This really was a week that cannot be beat. What have you been watching?